split w/ gets worse

by Henry Fonda

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Hardcore Is My Life, I'll Carry The Name "Mailorder Edition"
full colour cover and full colour innersleeves
foldout poster w/ lyrics
200 on clear w/ 4c CMYK silkscreenprint

Hardcore Is My Life, I'll Carry The Name "Mailorder Edition"
full colour cover and full colour innersleeves
foldout poster w/ lyrics
300 on white w/ 1/1c black silkscreenprint

released by Nerdcore Records.
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Andi / Guitars
Ben-John / Drums
Paul / Guitars
Tom / Vocals
Tompa / Bass

Instruments Recorded In The Stasi Tower, Berlin Late 2013. Vocals recorded In The Tower Of Doom, Early 2014. Mixed And Mastered By Ben-John And Andreas Sommer.

Artwork by Hugues/PZZL

Thanks To Everyone, Who Kept Us Going. You Know, Who You Are.


released April 28, 2015




Henry Fonda Berlin, Germany

we play fast, we party hard. no trends, no haircuts, no bullshit. our lyrics deal with politics, personal issues as well as scene shit and total nonsense. this collective is run the DIY way. no management, no booking agencies, no imperial merch, no fucking clothing line endorsments. fuck all you leeches. lets keep it dirty and ugly. ... more


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Track Name: Tausend Messer
Tausend Messer
Mittags aufstehen mit ´nem Schädel, Toast und Ketchup reicht nicht mehr.
Kein Blick nach vorn, kein Blick zurück, meine Tage sind gezählt.
Sozial verarmt, Gemeinschaft macht mich krank.
Rückzug zum Ich, die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
Neue Grenzen, neue Slogans, greif noch weiter rein ins Klo.
Es wird nicht besser als das was war, endlich wieder ´ne reale Welt.
Track Name: Murder Reign
Murder Reign
Human Waste, Born To Fade Away.
Reign Of Hate, Lifeless Existence.
You Swore An Oath To False Belief's.
Institutions Of Mass Control, You Walk The Path To A Bitter End.
All Your Ideas Mean To Shit To Us, Your Crooked Phrases Won’t Control Us.
Superior In Your Design? You Just Dug Your Own Grave.
Track Name: Erklär mir die Welt
Erklär mir die Welt
Kein Interesse, kein Diskurs, kein Gelaber, kein Dialog.
Ich will nicht reden, nicht kommunizieren.
Du hörst dir nur gern zu.
Track Name: Love Pigs, Hate Cops
Love Pigs, Hate Cops
Mit dem Knüppel fürs Vaterland, immer rein in die Hippie-Fresse.
Für das Aufrechterhalten Eurer Scheiß Ideale, ich piss auf Recht und Ordnung, Ihr Wichser.
Kein Staat, Kein Vaterland, bis jede Wanne in Flammen steht.
Bullenterror, Tränengas, Ihr Clowns werdet‘s schon noch kapieren.
Track Name: Slave To The Coin
Slave To The Coin
Slave To The Coin, Suffer From Bitterness.
You're Just A Tool To Keep Things Running, I bet You Enjoy The Sweet Sweet Cash.
A Life Time Of Serving Assholes, But Then You Realize You Didn't Live.